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Edi Osborne

Edi is a recognized leader in the area of Business Performance Measurement and Management. Since 1990 her efforts have been focused primarily on helping the accounting profession develop and deliver business advisory services. As co-developer and primary instructor for the CPA Performance View program, endorsed by the AICPA, she has worked with a large number of accounting firms of all sizes. Ms. Osborne is co-founder of the Consulting Accountants’ RoundTable; an ongoing think tank and educational forum for practitioners dedicated to furthering their business advisory skills.

Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, armed with a degree in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly, arrived in the business world just as computers were making their way onto every desktop. As a computer consultant, he worked with the construction clients of an accounting firm in Monterey. He moved on to become the Executive Administrator of that three office firm. As a result of his 10 years as Executive Administrator, he has a unique understanding of the inner workings of an accounting firm, its technology, client service issues, culture, and human capital management concerns. Steve was instrumental in leading his firm toward the direction of developing a stronger business advisory practice.

Geni Whitehouse

Geni Whitehouse, CPA, CITP, CSPM leads Plus Communications for Mentor Plus. With past roles ranging from partner in a CPA firm to leader of the technology practice in a firm, she has a wide range of experiences to share. She is a former software company executive and industry analyst. As a two-time graduate of the Jeff Justice Comedy Workshoppe, she has a unique gift for keeping her audiences entertained and engaged. Geni is a frequent lecturer at accounting and technology events around the country.