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Other Tax Return Preparer CE Value Bundle (Not Available)

Save on your CE with this "must have" value bundle for RTRPs! Study at your own pace. You have one year from date of purchase to complete each course!

Employer-sponsored retirement plans, generally referred to in the aggregate as qualified employee plans, constitute one of the important "legs" of the retirement stool that individuals look to for their income in retirement. The other two legs of that stool are personal savings—through investment in securities, deferred annuities, savings accounts, etc.—and Social Security retirement benefits. This course will examine qualified employee plans, their limits and their tax treatment along with a discussion of annuities and their taxation.
The landmark legislation known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), signed into law in 2010, is likely to affect virtually every person and institution in the United States in some way. It imposes healthcare-related requirements on health plans, health insurers, employers and individuals.
Each year, various limits affecting income tax preparation and planning change. Some changes commonly occur each year as a result of inflation indexing, while others occur because of new legislation or the sunsetting of existing law.
Vern discusses the current Tax Codes, cases and ruling affecting IRA and individual retirement plans including 2013 inflation adjustments that affect the amount that can be contributed.
Vern discusses the current cases and rules affecting the tax preparer's relationship with the IRS including the increased IRS follow-up on correspondence, eliminated e-services, and the numerous methods the IRS uses to reconstruct unreported income.
Total: 5 courses (15 CPE hours)

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