Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2020)

Author(s): Ephraim P. Smith, Philip J. Harmelink, James R. Hasselback

Published: May 03, 2019
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ISBN: 9780808051763
Product Number: 10030001-0011
Volumes: 1
Update Frequency: Annually
1216 Pages

Federal Taxation Comprehensive Topics is a popular teacher-created combination first- and second-level tax course that offers comprehensive one-volume coverage of all the most important tax concepts and principles for a solid grounding in federal taxation. It offers clear and concise explanation of fundamental tax concepts in the framework of today's tax practice. Covering both planning and compliance, the book strikes an effective balance between AICPA model curriculum demands and the favored approaches of the majority of today's top tax teachers. Comprehensive Topics introduces students to the complex and absorbing study of federal taxation, covering a broad range of subjects beginning with basic concepts and individual taxation. Once the fundamentals are covered, tax accounting and the taxation of partnerships and corporations become the focus. The final section of the book presents estate and gift taxation coverage, along with income taxation of trusts and estates. Deferred compensation, education savings, international tax, and state and local taxation are also addressed. Written by top tax teachers from across the country, Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics presents materials in straightforward language to improve student comprehension. Emphasis is given to the most important topics that have the greatest real-world impact. FOR ADOPTING TEACHERS: Instructors adopting Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics also receive a downloadable Instructor's Guide that includes the following helpful features: 1) Course outlines and AICPA Model Tax Curriculum outlines that show how the text can be used by teachers in various types of courses. 2) Summary of each chapter to provide the adopter with a quick view of what's covered and to facilitate course preparation and development of lesson plans. 3) Answers to both the Keystone Problems and End-of-Chapter Problems in each chapter in the book. 4) Testbank questions and answers that correspond to each chapter in the book. 5) Respondus-ready and Microsoft® Word files of the Testbank questions created by the textbook authors for all chapters in the book. These files allow instructors to customize their own tests. 6) Computer Slide Presentations for each chapter that help enhance and facilitate class lectures and discussion. Wolters Kluwer offers a complete teaching package to support adopting instructors. When adopted in quantities of 10 or more, upon request, adopting teachers will receive: A one-year subscription via IntelliConnect to Standard Federal Tax Reporter. Instructors can use their free Internet-based tax research subscription for course preparation, classroom presentations, or in the accounting lab/library. The IntelliConnect Library keeps teachers completely abreast of recent legislation, cases, and other judicial developments. And, as a IntelliConnect subscriber, teachers receive Tax Tracker News, CCH's daily customizable tax headline news service. Also available to adopters is the following helpful aid for both teachers and students: Federal Tax Study Manual is designed to enhance learning and improve comprehension for students of federal tax. Instructors receive a complimentary copy of this book that can also be adopted along with the text for students.
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