Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2021)

Author(s): Ephraim P. Smith, Philip J. Harmelink, James R. Hasselback

Published: Apr 29, 2020
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ISBN: 9780808054054
Product Number: 10030001-0012
Volumes: 1
Update Frequency: Annually
1216 Pages

Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2021) was researched and written by some of the top tax professors in the country, emphasizing fundamental tax concepts in the framework of today’s tax practice. It’s designed for students and professionals who need the most up-to-date information on the highest-impact federal taxation topics, with materials presented in a clear, straightforward, and easy-to-navigate manner.

Features of Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2021)

Covering planning and compliance, it offers comprehensive, one-volume coverage of important first-and second-level tax course concepts and principles of federal taxation. From tax preparers to educators in the field, readers benefit from the book’s effective balance between the AICPA curriculum and favored approaches of its highly respected authors. Each chapter includes the following:
  • Summary of the chapter
  • Learning objectives
  • Keystone problems
  • Questions and problems that test readers’ comprehension of presented materials
Combined with Wolters Kluwer’s more than 100 years of tax expertise and award-winning research, the book’s authors are a select group of academics. They are led by Ephraim Smith, Philip Harmelink, and James Hasselback, who all have advanced degrees in taxation and accounting and currently teach these subjects at the post-secondary level. Within the group of authors, some hold IRS or private practice experience, while others are previously published in discreet topic areas, like partnership tax.

Because Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2021) is a teacher-created work, it’s not only beneficial to tax professionals but instructors as well. In conjunction with this book, Wolters Kluwer offers various supplemental materials to support tax educators. Adopting teachers with classes of 10 or more students can access the following award-winning features:
  • CCH® AnswerConnect: Instructors will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to this comprehensive research of technical tax information. It was designed to keep instructors up-to-date on the latest changes and legislation regarding taxation.
  • TaxWise Tax Preparation Software: This educational, cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere and serves as an invaluable tool for adopting instructors. Each student’s progress can be monitored as they complete sample tax returns.

    Benefits of Using Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2021)

    Through the book’s clear and concise explanations, students will have access to the most pertinent information to form a solid grounding in federal taxation. Whether they’re an aspiring tax preparer or college tax/accounting professor, readers will reap a host of benefits, such as:

    Benefits for tax professionals

    • Finding the answers to important federal-tax related questions, such as:
      1. How should an individual tax return be filed?
      2. Are gifts taxable?
      3. Who is a dependent?
      4. What property is depreciable?

    • A new understanding of a broad range of federal taxation topics, including:
      1. Individual taxation
      2. Tax accounting
      3. Taxation of partnerships and corporations
      4. Estate and gift taxation
      5. Income taxation of trusts and estates
      6. Deferred compensation
      7. Education savings
      8. International, state, and local taxation

    Benefits for educators

    • Receiving materials needed to effectively teach federal tax and accounting at the post-secondary level, including:
      1. Course outlines
      2. Questions and answers
      3. Slide presentations
      4. Sample test questions and answers

    • Access to CCH® AnswerConnect and TaxWise Online Educational Tax Preparation Software for classes of 10 or more students
      1. Downloadable Instructor’s Guide with the following features:
      2. Class outlines with suggestions for various course types
      3. Chapter-by-chapter summaries to facilitate course preparation and lesson plan development
      4. Answers to each chapter’s keystone problems and end-of-chapter questions and problems
      5. Testbank questions and answers corresponding with each chapter
      6. Customizable testbank questions with Respondus-ready files or Microsoft Word compatibility
      7. Computer slide presentations for use in class lectures and discussion

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