New York Residency and Allocation Audit Handbook (2018) (Currently Unavailable)

Author(s): CCH State Tax Law Editors

Published: Dec 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780808047544
Product Number: 10017300-0004
Volumes: 1
Update Frequency: Annually
472 Pages

Personal income tax audits are a fact of life in many states. However, both New York State and New York City are particularly aggressive in pursuing this source of income, focusing mainly on questions of residency and non-resident income allocation. These audits can often be tremendously burdensome, even for those filing correctly.

In the New York Residency and Allocation Audit Handbook (2018), noted tax practitioners Paul Comeau, Tim Noonan and Mark Klein provide an in-depth and practical look at New York's residency and income allocation audit programs. They include detailed, yet easy-to-read, information drawn from the current tax law and from their own experiences.

This helpful book guides the reader through both the residency and the non-resident allocation audit process, starting with detailed descriptions of the residency and non-residency allocation "rules of the road" through practical advice on what to do when audited, how the audit will progress and techniques to use to help reduce the risk of an audit and minimize the problems. This publication also details civil penalties and interest, and the risk of criminal prosecution. Finally, the book explores the tax relationships between New York and other states, including a residency tax guide that summarizes the residency rules and requirements of the remaining states.

Helpful Appendices provide text of the Non-resident Audit Guidelines, Non-resident Allocation Guidelines, Criminal Prosecution of Tax Fraud Cases--Guidelines, and Withholding Tax Field Auditi Guidelines.

  • Table of Contents
  • New York Residency and Allocation Audit Handbook (2018)

    Topics and Content

    1. An Overview of New York's Residency Rules
    2. An Overview of New York's Nonresident Income Allocation Rules
    3. Audit Issues: How to Handle (or Avoid) a New York Reisdency Audit
    4. Tax Penalties, Tax Crimes and Tax Enforcement: You May Owe More -- A Lot More -- Than Just Taxes
    5. New York's Withholding Guidelines
    6. A State-by-State Tax Guide for Former New Yorkers
    • Appendix I Nonresident Audit Guidelines
    • Appendix II Nonresident Allocation Guidelines
    • Appendix III Criminal Prosecution of Tax Fraud Cases--Guidelines
    • Appendix IV Withholding Tax Field Audit Guidelines
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