U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2022)

Author(s): Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff

Published: Mar 03, 2022
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ISBN: 9780808057161
Product Number: 10013408-0012
Volumes: 1
Update Frequency: Annually
768 Pages

Wolters Kluwer carries the only print version on the market of the U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2022). A practical, quick-answer resource, this guide is intended to provide pertinent information on key issues and concepts encountered by tax preparers dealing with state and local property taxes. It explores how land for a particular type of business is taxed by each state, county, or municipality in the country, as well as available types of exemptions or tax incentives.

Features of U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2022)

The U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2022) offers comprehensive explanations of topics often researched by busy tax professionals. Its complete, state-by-state coverage of property taxes imposed by all state and local governments includes the following:

  • Key definitions, concepts, and procedures about the application of local property taxes
  • Property tax bases and taxation principles of each state
  • Equalization and levy of tax
  • Due dates and options available to taxpayers prior to the state court system
  • Charts providing tax rates, exemptions, and exclusions applicable to different classes of property and taxpayers
  • Property tax and valuation assessment methods used by different taxing jurisdictions
  • Currently available credits and abatements of property tax
  • Important contacts in various taxing jurisdictions
  • Annual snapshot of pertinent property tax provisions

Benefits of Using U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2022)

Beyond its comprehensive property tax coverage, this guide is easy to use and navigate. With sound organization and helpful indexes, it even includes print versions of Wolters Kluwer’s award-winning Smart Charts, making it the perfect choice for a desktop reference material. What’s more, it’s portable enough for tax professionals to always have on hand, so no matter where their days take them, the U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2022) is there to provide answers.

Providing the highest quality data and resources, the U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2022) was written by Wolters Kluwer Tax Law Editors. It reflects the most recent tax and accounting market developments, delivering access to authoritative tools needed to help manage risks, maintain compliance, and refresh current knowledge on tax laws and standards.

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