South Carolina CPE Requirements

License Renewal Date: Annual

CPE Reporting Period: January 1 - December 31

General Requirements
  • 40 Total CPE Hours
  • Max. 20 SS format
  • Max. 8 Personal Development CPE Hours
  • 4 Ethics [Effective 1/1/2013]every 3 years (includes: Ethics, South Carolina Rules and Regulations)
  • 2 South Carolina Rules and Regulations [Effective 1/1/2013]every 3 years

Personal Development courses are limited to 8 hours.
Self-Study CPE Hours is limited to 20 hours.


When a licensee completes more than the required number of hours of CPE in any calendar year, the extra hours, not in excess of twenty (20) hours, may be carried forward and treated as hours earned in the following year. No carry over credit is allowed for Personal Development.

Initial License:

Licensees are exempt from reporting CPE in the year in which they are licensed. They will need to complete 40 hours of CPE in the following calendar year.

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