Carolyn Turnbull

Carolyn Turnbull, CPA, CGMA, M.S.T., is the Senior Tax Manager for Kony Inc. She was formerly International Tax Services Director with Vestal & Wiler in Orlando. She has nearly 30 years of experience assisting business and individual clients in minimizing their tax liability and maximizing their profitability. Carolyn has extensive experience dealing with complex partnership and corporate tax issues at the federal, state and international levels. She is a member of the IRS Advisory Council and she has been recognized as one of the Top 50 IRS Representation Practitioners in CPA Magazine. Carolyn is very active with the AICPA, where she currently serves on the editorial board of The Tax Adviser, the Tax Practice Guides and Checklists Taskforce, the Partnership Compensation Taskforce, and as a technical reviewer and presenter. She is also a member of the AICPA's cross border merger and acquisitions, Form 5472, Form 5471, Form 1042, Form 1120F, and Form 8858 international tax task forces. Carolyn is also a frequent speaker at tax seminars and in webcasts on a variety of corporate, partnership, and international tax topics.

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