Contemporary Tax Practice: Research, Planning and Strategies (4th Edition)

Author(s): John O. Everett, Cherie Hennig, Nancy Nichols

Published: Oct 08, 2016
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ISBN: 9780808044338
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Volumes: 1
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696 Pages

Contemporary Tax Practice: Research, Planning and Strategies (4th Edition) will change the way you teach your tax research course, and the way future professionals learn how to perform tax research. This all new text provides a solid foundation of tax research skills by teaching the nuances of conducting tax research in today’s environment. The book then provides exposure to frequently encountered tax planning topics and strategies, better preparing users for their future in tax practice.

Build a solid foundation

  • Early chapters are devoted to relevant legislative, administrative and judicial authorities, so users understand the how’s and the why’s behind tax practice today
  • Users will gain a thorough understanding of how to perform tax research in today’s environment
  • Landmark judicial decisions are presented, covering areas such as gross income, deductions, property gains and accounting methods
  • Users gain exposure to tax practice issues and learn about tax communications
  • Each chapter features case studies and research questions which highlight the real-world relevance of tax research and tax planning while reinforcing concepts and skills learned in each chapter


Then take it to the next level

  • To most effectively prepare users for today’s tax practice environment, this book offers coverage of many key tax planning opportunities and strategies on topics such as individuals, retirement, choice of entity, closely held businesses and more
  • This book also provides coverage of critical financial reporting issues such as FAS 109, FIN 48, and Schedule M3, which significantly impact and influence the way practitioners advise their clients
  • A chapter on Tax Reform Proposals is also included in order to familiarize the reader with terms and topics such as the flat tax, Value- Added (VAT) Tax, the Fair Tax and much more

Interactive real-world tools

  • A dedicated product Web site will be available and will feature online interactive quizzes, tax news updates and more
  • Instructors are also able to receive a CD ROM with end of chapter problem solutions and a test bank

Contemporary Tax Practice: Research, Planning and Strategies (4th Edition) is now available in an eBook format which you can download to your computer instantly.

Previous Editions: 3rd

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  • Table of Contents
  • Contemporary Tax Practice:  Research, Planning and Strategies (4th Edition)

    Topics and Content

    • Introduction to Tax Authority — Legislative Authority
    • Introduction to Tax Authority — Administrative Authority
    • Introduction to Tax Authority — Judicial Authority
    • Tax Research — Locating and Assessing Tax Authority
    • Landmark Judicial Decisions — Gross Income
    • Landmark Judicial Decisions — Deductions
    • Landmark Judicial Decisions — Property Gains and Losses
    • Landmark Judicial Decisions — Accounting Methods and Records
    • Tax Practice — Procedures, Administration and Sanctions
    • Tax Communications: Anatomy of a Tax Engagement
    • Tax Planning Strategies — Individual Taxpayers
    • Tax Planning Strategies — Retirement Issues
    • Tax Planning Strategies — Estate & Gift Tax Basics
    • Tax Planning Strategies — Advanced Estate & Gift, and Income Tax Issues
    • Tax Planning Strategies — Choice of Business Entity
    • Tax Planning Strategies — Closely-Held Business
    • The Tax Accrual: An Introduction to Financial Accounting Issues & Book Tax Differences
    • Tax Reform Proposals
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