Payroll Update: Compliance, Taxation, and Garnishment Orders (Currently Unavailable)

Payroll tax law and withholding rules are extremely complex, and payroll professionals, HR managers, CFOs, controllers, auditors, and tax professionals must stay on top of frequent updates to ensure accuracy and compliance. As a continuing professional education (CPE) sponsor registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), provides the latest information on essential payroll topics through our Payroll Update: Compliance, Taxation, and Garnishment Orders self-study series. Here’s a closer look at our updated payroll courses and how they make meeting your CPE requirements easier than ever.

Comprehensive Payroll Review
Taught by experienced and knowledgeable tax practitioners, payroll professionals and CPAs, our instructors lead seven courses in our Payroll Update: Compliance, Taxation, and Garnishment Orders series, accounting for a total of 14 CPE hours. Tackling a variety of payroll topics, you'll review the fundamentals of payroll law and learn of the most recent developments and updates pertaining to the following areas:

  • Detecting, controlling, and responding to payroll fraud
  • Finding payroll rules that support your policies and procedures
  • Meeting tax obligations for employee payroll and garnishment orders
  • Best practices in Microsoft Excel for formatting and protecting sensitive data
  • Interpreting and analyzing payroll data to ensure compliance with tax legislation
  • Latest employment, benefit, and reporting compliance rules of the Affordable Care Act
  • And much more…

The Advantages to Self-Study
Aside from learning the most recent developments in our updated payroll courses, the self-study format of’s programs provides another set of advantages. For one, our Payroll Update: Compliance, Taxation, and Garnishment Orders series, as well as our other related topics, are a viable self-study option for payroll professionals in all 50 states. They also qualify as a form for interactive self-study for EAs, CTEC, and OTRPs across the United States.

The courses can be completed one by one at your own pace, as we provide you with access for one full year to finish your program. They’re also user-friendly and available on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, meaning you can fit in your CPE credits whenever and wherever convenient for you.

Because your success is paramount to, our self-study courses are structured so that you achieve the best possible results. We offer the option to download all course materials – even final exam questions – so that you can prepare in advance for your interactive course and tests. You’re also subject to unlimited attempts to complete and pass your final exam, and once you do so, you’ll receive a certificate of completion proving that you finished the program.

Certified and Reputable Education
One of the top advantages of our Payroll Update: Compliance, Taxation, and Garnishment Orders series, as well as our other self-study courses, is the knowledge that you’ve chosen a certified and reputable CPE provider. Aside from our classification as a CPE sponsor on NASBA’s National Registry of CPE Sponsors (sponsor #103021), we are also certified as a CPE sponsor with the New York State Board for Public Accountancy’s State Education Department (sponsor #000085), as well as for the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (sponsor #000001).

In addition, we are a Provider of Ethics Training with the Florida Department of Business and Regulation (provider #0007446). Always in compliance with NASBA’s Quality Assurance Service requirements, you can rest assured that any self-study courses you take through will be worth your while. For more information on our updated payroll courses, contact us today and review the course descriptions for our Payroll Update: Compliance, Taxation, Garnishment Orders series below.

Are you responsible for payroll or employer tax withholding compliance? Or maybe you were recently hired or promoted into the payroll department. During your indoctrination you are surprised at all the interesting things to do and how important this role is to the success of the company. You begin to wonder just how much there is to learn. Join us for a quick briefing on the basic laws affecting payroll. Learn where to find the authoritative rules to support your policies and procedures. Accelerate your learning using our organized and thoughtful delivery and determine to step into your role with confidence.
Employers usually want to do the right thing by their employees. Payroll professionals are cut from the compliance cloth. But compliance is complicated; and cash flow is often very tight. Borrowing from the government without their permission almost always results in bankruptcy. The company’s life is in jeopardy and the employees’ tax withholdings are lost. Payroll professionals are caught in the middle. We are here to help. Miles Hutchinson can show you how to walk on the right side of the line and ensure your tax obligations are met.
One of the most frustrating payroll tasks is dealing with garnishment orders. Did you know that there are limits to the amount of pay that can be subjected to the orders or that the dates on the orders may influence their priority?
Payroll processing doesn't have to be cumbersome. Here, course participants will learn how to make payroll tasks more efficient and accurate with a review of formatting, security for sensitive data, pivot tables for human resources reporting and analysis, and more.
Every year the government changes various employment, benefit and reporting compliance rules. As we are working to understand and comply with the Affordable Care Act, we hear rumblings of potential repeal/replacement. Is it any wonder that businesses are struggling to comply with this burdensome body of law and regulation? You can help. You can keep abreast of the changes and liaison to keep your company in compliance with utmost efficiency.
How to Help Your Small Business Clients Dig Out of the Payroll Tax Hole
This on-demand course is designed to review the issue of payroll frauds. Examples of actual frauds will be provided so participants can understand how the frauds are being committed and how they were uncovered. Information will be provided about payroll frauds committed by employees as well as payroll frauds committed by management and company owners. We will review various methodologies for detecting payroll fraud and will discuss developing internal controls to help prevent and detect payroll fraud.
Total: 7 courses (14 CPE hours)

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