Successful Leadership Through the Good Times and the Bad (Currently Unavailable)

As COVID-19 continues to spread, rattling financial markets, forcing the closure of businesses and communities, it is important to hone and develop key leadership skills during this time of crisis.

Your professional presence affects how colleagues, subordinates, superiors, clients, and potential clients react to you, respect you, trust you, and respond to you. Leadership is enhanced by professional presence. This on-demand course reviews skills that enhance one’s professional presence and offers tips for building that presence.
Is your organization experiencing change? Are the professionals in your industry being challenged by new ways of doing business, industry or regulatory changes? Are your leaders driving high performance results?
Are your marketing strategies driving sales and effective client needs satisfaction? This powerful, program provides client development skills to design a structured process for developing long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships, in addition to learning strategies for becoming Rainmakers (client developers within their organizations).
This course will take a look at the future of the profession. Words like innovation and disruption are all around us. We’ll look at trends impacting the profession as well as the AICPA’s response to insure a profession that is ready for what the future holds. We’ll focus on new engagements the AICPA is considering and the skills CPAs will need to be successful!
CPAs and accountants are so much more than number crunchers! Whether you work in public accounting, industry, or education, the ability to self-regulate (internal) and build meaningful relationships (external) is incredibly important.
Total: 5 courses (8 CPE hours)

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