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CCH® eBooks: Frequently Asked Questions

CCH eBooks is Wolters Kluwer’s digital platform for managing and reading your online publications. The following FAQs allow you to understand the general features of the platform.

Your Library

I. Access and connection

a. Go to the and enter your username and password. If you have lost your account info, please contact our customer service at

b. If you are a new user, please visit to create an account.

All publications you’ve previously purchased will automatically appear in your library as thumbnail images. When you purchase a new publication, the word “New” appears next to it.

The CCH eBooks platform is accessible on all your devices (desktop computer, tablet and phone) and is compatible with most browsers. Additionally, iOS and Android apps are available from iTunes and Google Play.

II. Features of your library

You have several ways to access your publications:

  • Using your library all your publications appear as thumbnails. By clicking on them, you access directly the contents of the publication in reading mode or as part of a collection. Items in your Library can be sorted in alphabetical order, last access date, publication date or a custom order by “drag and drop”.
  • Using search capabilities, by typing the title of the book, its authors, or directly by full-text search. You can also filter by publication type, brand or practice area.
  • Accessing through “my favorites” icon, which gives you access to the publication(s) you’ve tagged as favorites.

CCH eBooks offers you 2 search possibilities:

  • A search only on titles and authors of publications: when you start typing, a suggestion of titles or names of authors appears automatically below your search, if a search term corresponds to them.
  • A full-text search in the contents of the latest versions of your publications: this is the default search for CCH eBooks, accessible by clicking on “Search” once the terms of your search are entered.

Yes, CCH eBooks allows you to import your own content, in PDF, Word or ePub format. You must use the “Upload your publications” option in the upper right of your screen, and the application will guide you through the process. Then you will be able to search and access personal content in the same way as you do in Wolters Kluwer publications.

You can archive certain publications. In this case, they will no longer appear in your library, and will only be accessible from the “Archive” button located on the left menu of your screen. To archive a publication, click on the Option button located at the bottom right of each publication thumbnail, and select « Archive ».

You can permanently delete publications. If you have used previous versions of the CCH eBook app, this is a new functionality. To do this, click the Option button located at the bottom right of each bookmark, and choose “permanently delete”.

Important: Publications permanently deleted will not be available from any device associated to your CCH eBooks account.

Yes, you can create your own folders with excerpts (clippings) from WK publications and from your own content.

III. Reader functionalities

Several options are available to navigate through a publication:

  • Use the arrows “forward” and “back” to change current page
  • Accelerated scrolling by dragging the cursor horizontally (blue dot at the bottom of your screen)
  • Direct access via the search engine, using the red magnifying glass located at the top right corner of your reader
  • Access via the Table of Contents or Index of each publication, accessible by opening the Menu at the top left of your screen
  • At any time using the breadcrumb trail, located at the top of your book, allows you to orient where you are in a publication

CCH eBooks allows you to search the contents of your publication by full-text. Type the terms of your search in the red magnifying glass (top right corner of your screen). The list of results appears below, with direct links to sections of the publication.

a. For ePub content, from the Option / Display Setting button, you can choose the background color of the page, the text layout (number of columns), and the font size.

b. For PDF content, the page size can be configured from the Option / Display setting.

You can print publication excerpts, bookmark pages, highlight text, create notes, copy and paste text to external applications and store clippings to your customized folders. All the actions you perform on the contents are visible through the customizations feature (accessible via the “Menu” button, at the top left corner of your screen).

Yes, CCH eBooks allows you to work “offline”. To do this, you must first download the publications you want to access without an internet connection. When you work offline, all your actions on publications (bookmark, highlight …) will synchronize to the CCH eBooks backend service when you connect to internet again.