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Get Complete Coverage and Guidance on the Historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Our Expertly-Written Tax Reform Titles

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Stay on top of the latest Tax Cuts and Jobs Act developments with the following CCH CPELink courses:

Tax Legislation Update: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Self-Study


This two-hour CPE on-demand course provides an up-to-date summary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and covers critical tax planning issues your clients are expected to face.

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CCH AnswerConnect

CCH AnswerConnect jump-starts your research as it guides you through the most extensive tax reform in 30 years. Whether you need a quick answer or an in-depth example of how the new law will affect your client or business, CCH AnswerConnect lets you Search Less, Do More™.

  • Easily navigate tax reform explanations with focused content on what you need to know and how to put it into action
  • Gain details and insights, and deep dives into specific situations with in-depth examples
  • Effectively communicate changes with New Tax Legislation Client Letters

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