Excel Speed Tips

Date: Friday, April 21, 2017
Instructor: David H. Ringstrom
Begin Time:  12:00pm Pacific Time
1:00pm Mountain Time
2:00pm Central Time
3:00pm Eastern Time
CPE Credit:  2 hours for CPAs

Excel users often spend minutes or hours completing tasks that can be accomplished in a fraction of the time if they know how to use a variety of Excel’s features or techniques. This comprehensive webcast presented by Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, will empower you to use Excel more effectively and efficiently.

Tips David will share with you include how to: filter based on cell contents with one keystroke or mouse click, how to streamline repetitive tasks, create a keyboard shortcut for the Freeze Panes feature, convert .XLS workbooks to the up-to-date .XLSX format, quickly access folders and workbooks, and much more.

David demonstrates techniques by using the version of Excel in use by the majority of attendees for this presentation. Typically, this means he teaches from Excel 2010 or 2013, but his handouts identify differences in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 when needed. His webcasts are fast-paced, and attendees often are surprised at the amount of ground he covers in a session. He welcomes participants’ questions, so come ready to pick his brain. David’s detailed handouts, with numbered steps, serve as reference material you can utilize going forward. He also provides an Excel workbook that includes a majority of the examples he uses to demonstrate techniques during the presentation.

Who Should Attend
Practitioners who may benefit from using Excel more effectively and efficiently.

Topics Covered

  • Add the hidden Form Command back to Excel 2007 and later
  • Avoid disabled features by converting Excel 97—2003 files to modern workbook formats with ease
  • Avoid repetitive work by creating a keyboard shortcut for Excel's Freeze Panes feature
  • Avoid wasting time when saving workbooks as .XLS files by dispatching the Compatibility Checker
  • Bypass filter drop-down lists by filtering based on cell contents with a single keystroke or mouse click
  • Convert .XLS workbooks to the up-to-date .XLSX format with just two keystrokes
  • Discover how to quickly access folders and workbooks, regardless of whether they're stored on your computer or on a network
  • Discover techniques that automatically provide fallback positions in the event you need to see an earlier version of your spreadsheet
  • Double-check manual inputs easily by having Excel read numbers aloud to you
  • Eliminate duplicates from a list with just a few mouse clicks
  • Keep an eye on how much your text is being reduced as you try to squeeze more on a page
  • Learn how the Table feature allows you to transform filtering tasks
  • Navigate large workbooks with ease by way of a hidden menu as well as keyboard shortcuts
  • Restore "classic" Print Preview functionality in Excel 2007 and later
  • Simplify repetitive tasks by creating your own keyboard shortcuts
  • Wrangle long lists of data by filtering instead of sorting

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how to avoid retyping text by using Excel features and worksheet functions
  • Identify and create your own keyboard shortcuts to customize Excel and enable hidden features
  • Identify the mouse action that reveals a hidden menu for moving columns/rows
  • Differentiate how to easily compile large lists of data by filtering vs. sorting


Live webinar

Instructional Method
Group: Internet-based

NASBA Field of Study
Computer Software & Applications (2 hours)

Program Prerequisites
A basic knowledge of Excel.

Advance Preparation

Registration Options
*Note: 3 or more qualifies for discounted Group Participant Fee

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