CFO Success Package (Not Available)

Designed for success seekers, our CFO Success Package includes the necessary tools for every professional. This bundle comes fully equipped with a variety of courses ranging from Financial Statements to Powerful Excel Tools-- and everything else in between.

So get a jump start in your career, earn 13 hours of CPE, and save over $90 by purchasing our CFO Success Package. The path to success has never been more convenient.

Click on course titles below to view full descriptions of the programs included in this package. You have 1 year from date of purchase to complete each course.

The complexities of financial regulations and accounting pronouncements and the impact of
Arrays are a powerful Excel tool that few people know about. It allows you to take multiple steps and consolidate them into one. If you are doing an IF statement in a separate column and then copying it down and then summing or averaging the results - an array will let you do it all in one step.
This is a great course if you are looking for some helpful tips on increasing your efficiency and productivity in Excel. The manual is set up in a question and answer format by topic.
"An increase in the number of businesses, changing financial laws and regulations, and greater scrutiny of company finances will drive faster-than-average growth of accountants and auditors, " reports the Department of Labor (DOL).
Financial statements are useless if the users of the statements cannot make better decisions. Yet many financial statements land in a file somewhere and that is the end of it. Adding analysis of ratios, trends and comparisons allow:
Financial statements can be like puzzles. They fit together in certain ways, and without all the pieces, it is difficult to see clearly what they depict. Yet, the stated purpose of financial statements is to allow users of those statements to analyze, understand, and act.
Total: 6 courses (13 CPE hours)

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