Almanac of Business & Industrial Financial Ratios (Currently Unavailable)

Author(s): Philip Wilson

Published: Dec 19, 2017

ISBN: 9780808046608
Product Number: 10029970-0010
Volumes: 1
Update Frequency: Annually
824 Pages

CCH's Almanac of Business & Industrial Financial Ratios is the first step in helping to determine a company's true measure of performance and value. The comprehensive resource puts 50 comparative performance indicators at the practitioner's command and covers all of North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) using NAICS data. The Almanac provides financial information that is calculated and derived from the latest available IRS data on nearly 5 million U.S. and international companies. The Almanac gives you accurate performance data for 50 operating and financial factors in 199 industries.

Data for each industry is divided into 13 categories based on company size, so you'll find a precise benchmark against which to measure any company's performance. One quick glance at the appropriate field of business and company-size category and you've found the definitive starting point for competitive performance analysis. The Almanac provides competitive norms in actual dollar amounts for revenue and capital factors, such as net receivables, net property, inventories, total assets, portfolio income, and more. It then gives you important average operating costs in percent of net sales, including cost of operations, pensions and benefits, interest, and more.

The Almanac provides ratios for industry-wide results for inventory turnover, current assets to working capital, quick ratio, asset turnover, and others. It also provides other critical financial factors in percentages, including debt ratio, return on assets, and return on equity, and profit margin.

The Almanac of Business & Industrial Financial Ratios is now available in an eBook format which you can download to your computer instantly.

  • Table of Contents

Almanac of Business & Industrial Financial Ratios

Topics and Content

The book is organized by the following major industry sectors, which in turn cover 199 industries, including:


  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale trade
  • Retail trade
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Information
  • Finance and insurance
  • Real estate and rental leasing
  • Professional, scientific and technical services
  • Management of companies (holding companies)
  • Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services
  • Health care and social assistance
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Other services (including repair and maintenance, automotive repair and maintenance, personal and laundry services, and religious, grant-making, civic, and professional organizations)
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