Income Tax Regulations (Summer 2020)

Author(s): CCH Tax Law Editors

Published: Jun 30, 2020
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ISBN: 9780808054252
Product Number: 10037777-0006
Volumes: 4
Update Frequency: Annually
14260 Pages

As a tax professional, your tax services are bound by the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) Treasury Regulations. As such, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the standards outlined therein. Using this four-volume income tax regulations reference, you can gain a deeper understanding of the Treasury Regulations and learn about the impact they have on your client services. Curated by Wolters Kluwer's expert Tax Law Editors, Income Tax Regulations (Summer 2020) will provide CPAs and other tax professionals with the skillset necessary to meet their clients' unique tax needs this season.

What Does Income Tax Regulations (Summer 2020) Cover?

The Treasury Regulations explain the IRS's position, prescribe operational rules, and provide the mechanics for complying with the Internal Revenue Code. In this Income Tax Regulations publication, tax professionals like you will receive a full-text reproduction of the official federal income regulations, which cover the following topics:
  • Unemployment insurance regulations
  • Gift and estate taxes
  • Generation-skipping transfer taxes
  • Special valuation regulations

This title also covers the regulations that implement changes to the Internal Revenue Code created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Furthermore, readers will have access to all of the proposed, temporary, and final income tax regulations and their preambles. Specifically, you’ll be able to access the Treasury Regulations at your fingertips (through May 8, 2020), allowing you to be as up to date in your practice as possible.

Streamlined Organization

Because this book covers such a wide array of tax information, multiple indexes are included to help you find the topics you’re looking for quickly and easily. Among the tables of contents are:
  • A topical index for final, temporary, and proposed regulations
  • A table of irregularly numbered regulations, which includes a summary description of these regulations and their page numbers
  • A table of public laws by number and title
  • A table of regulations that do not reflect the changes made by recently enacted public laws
  • An index of proposed regulation preambles
  • A table that describes how to locate and identify regulations

With semi-annual updates performed on these volumes, our indexes make it easy to sift through a large amount of information so you can make the most of your time and improve your client tax services.
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