Arizona CPE Requirements

License Renewal Date: Biennial

CPE Reporting Period: Last day of birth month in odd/even year based on birth year

General Requirements
  • 80 Total CPE Hours
  • 16 LIVE format
  • 40 Technical CPE Hours (includes: Accounting/Auditing, Taxation, Management Advisory Services, Business Law)
  • 16 Tax or A&A CPE Hours (includes: Accounting/Auditing, Taxation)
  • 4 Ethics CPE Hours (includes: Ethics, AZ Board Rules/Statutes)

No more than 20 hours of introductory computer-related courses are allowed.

Other Requirements
  • To track your CPE Compliance, please enter your birth date.
    If Yes:
Initial License:

licensee who has been certified less than 2 yrs shall complete 10 hours of CPE for every 3 months of license before renewal date. This includes 2 Live hours and 2 AA or Tax. Ethics is not pro-rated; 4 hours of ethics is due at renewal. If licensed 2 months or less, licensee is exempt from all CPE including ethics.

Initial License Requirements
  • 10 Total CPE Hours in every 3 months
  • 2 LIVE format in every 3 months
  • 2 Tax or A&A CPE Hours in every 3 months
  • 4 Ethics CPE Hours in every 3 months

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