Maryland CPE Requirements

License Renewal Date: Biennial

CPE Reporting Period: License Month

General Requirements
  • 80 Total CPE Hours
  • 4 Ethics CPE Hours

Maryland accepts CPE Hours gathered in first biennial period to be counted in second biennial period.
CPE reporting period will be the two years prior to answer of Maryland question


CE hours reported in excess of the 80 hours required for license renewal can be applied toward the 80 hours of CE necessary for the next immediate renewal. CE hours in ethics in excess of the required four are not eligible for carry forward to the next renewal.

Other Requirements
  • What is the license renewal date you were assigned by the Maryland State Board of Accountancy?
Initial License:

Licensees who are renewing their licenses for the first time do not have to report any CPE. All licensees must report at least 80 hours of qualifying CPE at the time of their second renewal. If the licensee has earned CPE during the first license period, the licensee may report it on the first renewal and it will be carried forward for use with the next immediate renewal.

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