Michigan CPE Requirements

License Renewal Date: Biennial in Odd Years

CPE Reporting Period: July 1 - June 30

General Requirements
  • 80 Total CPE Hours
  • Max. 40 SS format
Annual Requirements
  • 40 Annual CPE Hours
  • 8 Accounting/Auditing Annual
  • 2 Ethics Annual

Self-Study CPE Hours is limited to 40 hours.


Any hours in excess of the required 40 hours for each continuing education period may be carried over to the following continuing education period up to a maximum of 40 hours.

Initial License:

No CPE is required for the period ending June 30 of the year in which the license was initially issued.

Initial License Requirements
  • 40 Total CPE Hours in every 12 months
  • 40 Max. SS format

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