New Jersey CPE Requirements

License Renewal Date: Triennial

CPE Reporting Period: January 1 - December 31

General Requirements
  • 120 Total CPE Hours
  • Max. 116 SS format [Effective 9/21/2015]
  • 72 Technical CPE Hours (includes: Accounting/Auditing, NJ Law and Ethics, Other Technical Subjects)
  • 4 NJ Law and Ethics CPE Hours
Annual Requirements
  • 20 Annual CPE Hours [Effective 1/1/2012]

Self-Study CPE Hours is limited to 116 hours.
Personal Development/Marketing and courses are not allowed.

Half credits are accepted.

Other Requirements
  • Are you engaged in the practice of attest services or public accountancy?
    If Yes: 24 Accounting/Auditing CPE Hours
Initial License:

New licensees are exempt from CPE requirements for the initial renewal of their license except for a 4 hr NJ ethics course which must be taken within six months of licensure.

Initial License Requirements
  • 4 NJ Law and Ethics CPE Hours

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