Jacqueline A Patterson

Jacqueline Patterson is a founding partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Buchanan & Patterson, LLP and specializes in tax, estate and financial transactions. Her emphasis is positioning individuals, businesses, and fiduciary entities for asset protection and succession planning. She advises grantors, fiduciaries and beneficiaries in matters involving the transfer, administration, investment and management of assets and is a consultant to attorneys and CPAs in fiduciary accounting, taxation and litigation. Ms. Patterson is a nationally recognized speaker and seminar discussion leader, writing and facilitating seminars in corporate taxation, the income taxation of trusts and estates, fiduciary accounting, tax research and planning, trusts, real estate transactions and charitable trusts. She has practice experience in public accounting, the financial institution industry, business management, real estate, and law, as well as serving as adjunct faculty in the MBT programs at USC and Golden Gate University. Ms. Patterson graduated from Santa Clara Law School, continued her education with a Masters' in Business Taxation (M.B.T.) from the University of Southern California, and is also a Certified Public Accountant.

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