Ron Rael

Ron Rael, a CPA, began practicing High Road leadership in 1994 and has created an impressive track record of accomplishments during his 35 years in the dynamic world of business. The organizations that engage Ron benefit from his:
-Sage decision making that boosts profitability
-Practices and examples that promote cooperation and interdependence
-Culture transformation coursework that develops engaged and committed employees
-Streamlined and lean process engineering

Ron is a leadership consultant, professional facilitator and coach to experienced leadership teams and emerging leaders.Training professionals since 1988, Ron’s extensive wisdom and practical solutions, contained in his thirteen books, provide both strategies and tactics for organizational success. Ron has trained and coached thousands of leaders and business professionals throughout the United States and Canada. He is well-known for his original, enjoyable approach to learning. He develops caring, courageous, and compelling leaders worldwide.

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