John J Connors

Prof. John J. Connors, J.D., C.P.A., LL.M.
As an accounting graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia, Prof.
Connors went on for his law degree at the University of Notre Dame,
graduating in 1980. After serving as an instructor in the School of Business
Administration, he obtained his Masters of Law in Taxation at the University
of Miami Law School in Coral Gables, Florida. He then served on the
graduate tax faculty at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business in
Milwaukee, WI.

His professional background includes experience in income and estate tax
planning, as well as individual, partnership and corporate tax return
preparation and research as a senior tax consultant for Price Waterhouse in
the Philadelphia and South Bend offices. Prof. Connors also worked on
expatriate and corporate tax matters as an international tax consultant for the
Chrysler Corporation in London, England.

Prof. Connors currently conducts a national consulting practice designed
especially for tax professionals based out of Milwaukee, WI. He also
publishes a tax newsletter devoted exclusively to practitioners entitled the
Monthly Tax Update. He has been the outside editor for CCH’s Federal Tax
Course, and has spoken at numerous tax institutes, workshops and
conferences around the country. And, his “Complete Guide to Depreciation,
Amortization & Transfers of Property - Issues, Strategies & Answers” is
sold to tax practitioners throughout the U.S., along with a brand new
publication entitled “LLCs Taxed as Partnerships.”

As a nationally known speaker on a variety of tax topics, Prof. Connors has
consistently earned average overall ratings in excess of 4.7 (i.e., on a 5.0
scale) for his knowledge and presentation skills, as well as the quality of his
materials. He was chosen as a Distinguished Discussion Leader for the New
York Society of CPAs Foundation for Accounting Education. And, in 2013, he
received the AICPA prestigious Sidney Kess Award for “Excellence in
Continuing Education.”

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