Timothy Noonan

Tim Noonan is a partner with Hodgson Russ LLP. His area of practice is state and local tax law, with a focus on handling New York State and City tax litigation and controversy work. He is one of the top practitioners in the New York residency area and is the co-author of Wolters Kluwer's New York Residency and Audit Allocation Handbook. Tim has also handled some of the most high-profile residency cases in New York over the past decade, including a significant recent victory in New York's highest court.

Tim's state tax practice extends into sales tax and corporate tax controversies as well, and he has a fantastic track record of success in both litigated cases as well as audits and appeals. As the "Noonan" in "Noonan's Notes," a monthly column in State Tax Notes, a multistate tax publication, Tim is also a nationally recognized author and speaker on state tax issues.

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