2023 Leases Update (Completed)

Date: Friday, December 1, 2023
Instructor: Pat Patterson
Begin Time:  12:00pm Pacific Time
1:00pm Mountain Time
2:00pm Central Time
3:00pm Eastern Time
CPE Credit:  2 hours for CPAs

This session is designed to provide professional accountants with insight on how to implement the changes for lease transactions under the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) new leasing standards of ASU 2016-02 and other lease related changes. One will learn the accounting and financial reporting requirements to agree with the requirements of the revised new standards for Lessees and Lessors. Further, the session will update the professionals with the new revised effective dates of the standard.

Who Should Attend
Professionals who must still implement, update, and/or understand the new and updated multiple leasing standards from the FASB under ASC Topic 842, Leases. They should be aware of the latest changes in the new standards. The revised effective date for the new standards is for periods ending after December 15, 2001, effectively, January 1, 2022. Professional include CPAs in public practice, managers in industry, government, and education, internal auditors, and users of the financial information.

Topics Covered

  • Recording the transactions under the new standards
  • Reporting the transactions under the new standards
  • Disclosures for the new standards
  • Financial statement presentations of the standards
  • Definitions of control
  • Types of leases ”" finance, operating, and others
  • Differences in US GAAP and IFRS

Learning Objectives

  • Identify leases
  • Identify types of leases
  • Recognize how to record lease transactions according to their type
  • Recognize how to disclose lease activity
  • Recognize the nuances in types of leases for both lessees and lessors
  • Identify and evaluate financial reports with leases


Instructional Method
Group: Internet-based

NASBA Field of Study
Accounting (1 hour), Auditing (1 hour)

Program Prerequisites
Participants should have a general knowledge of US GAAP.

Advance Preparation

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