Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365 – What’s Right For Your Organization? (Completed)

Date: Thursday, March 30, 2023
Instructor: Stephen M. Yoss
Begin Time:  12:00pm Pacific Time
1:00pm Mountain Time
2:00pm Central Time
3:00pm Eastern Time
CPE Credit:  2 hours for CPAs

Business productivity software is the backbone of all organizations. For most of us, it is often a platform that includes several applications that serve a variety of generic business needs, from email to calendaring to word processing. The two largest and most widely used platforms today are Microsoft/Office 365 and Google Workspace. There is a good chance that your organization is using one of these solutions to power your daily emails, allowing you to see your colleague’s shared calendar or to analyze your most recent sales report. Using these tools effectively can help you save time, communicate better, and maximize your investment in the platform.

This class will outline the major features and functions of Microsoft/Office 365 and Google Workspace. It will discuss the best functionality of each platform, great tips and tricks on day-to-day use, and potential traps to avoid. Further, it will help you identify which of the two platforms would better fit your organization.

Who Should Attend
Financial professionals that would like to better understand Microsoft/Office 365 and Google Workspace

Topics Covered

  • Microsoft/Office 365 & Google Workspace Functionality
  • How business productivity software is used in a business
  • Best practices for effective and efficient use of these applications in your organization

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss and summarize how business productivity platforms are used in an organization
  • Identify and outline the compelling features to look for when selecting a business productivity platform for your organization
  • List the major features and functions of Microsoft/Office 365 and Google Workspace
  • Develop an implementation plan to adopt either of these solutions in your organization


Instructional Method
Group: Internet-based

NASBA Field of Study
Computer Software & Applications (2 hours)

Program Prerequisites

Advance Preparation

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