Advanced Staff Training: Accepting New Clients & Client Review

Author: Robert K Minniti

CPE Credit:  2 hours for CPAs

The ultimate goal of most auditing firms is to grow their business and profitability. There are risks associated with accepting new audit clients. This course is designed to look at those risks and discuss procedures and best practices for accepting new clients. We will also discuss procedures and best practices for determining if the firm should, or wants to, continue as the auditor for a current client.

Publication Date: January 2021

Designed For
CPAs, CMAs, CFFs, MAFFs, CGMAs, internal auditors, CIAs, external auditors, managers, CFOs, board members, audit committee members, business owners, and others responsible for the audit process.

Topics Covered

  • A Review of the Auditing Standards
  • Government Auditing
  • New Audit Clients
  • Client Reviews

Learning Objectives

  • Identify procedures and best practices for accepting new clients
  • Identify procedures and best practices for conducting a client review
  • Recognize Standards of Reporting
  • Identify what would not normally be included in a new client background check
  • Recognize which standards requires an auditor to have adequate technical training and proficiency to perform the audit


Instructional Method

NASBA Field of Study
Auditing (2 hours)

Program Prerequisites
A basic understanding of auditing.

Advance Preparation

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