Detecting Money Laundering, Benefits Fraud and Other Deceptive Practices (Currently Unavailable)

This on-demand course is designed for staff accountants, auditors, and bookkeepers who might encounter fraud during the normal course of their duties. We will review some of the basic issues involved in investigating fraud and determining if there is a predication for a fraud investigation.
The crooks are getting smarter. Quite a few understand the banking system and the Internet better than we do. They know the ins and outs and where it is weak. And, they do their research. Many professionals think payment fraud could never happen to their organizations. Unfortunately, the numbers tell a different story. Eventually, every single organization will come into the spotlight of one or more crooks. Without the proper precautions, the fraudsters will succeed. Complicating the issue is the fact that whether we like to admit it or not, the risk is both internal and external.
If your business accepts credit cards or cash payments you need to be aware of the fraud risks for these types of payments. This on-demand course is designed to review the issue of fraud in the cash accounts and cash maintained at a business location. It will also cover the various types of credit card frauds that occur in businesses. Examples of actual frauds will be provided so participants can understand how the frauds are being committed and how they were uncovered. We will review various methodologies for detecting cash frauds and will discuss developing internal controls to help prevent and detect cash frauds.
If you are working in the forensic accounting field at some time in your career it may be necessary to conduct a fraud investigation. This on-demand course is designed to review the procedures for conducting fraud investigations. We will review the steps and discuss potential pitfalls as well as some of the legal issues involved in conducting fraud investigations. Real world examples will be provided to help the participants understand the material in the course.
Learn to Spot an "Eggshell Audit" and Protect Yourself and Your Practice
Expense reimbursement has never been trickier. The recently enacted Tax Act changed the deductibility of some items, employees and gotten better at sneaking through items on their expense reports that shouldn’t be there and there’s a raft of new technology impacting the function. Companies everywhere are eyeing the bottom line and a growing number are insisting on rigid travel & entertainment policy compliance. Compliance must now not only be to the company policies but also with IRS rules. Otherwise, you could end up answering not only to the CFO but also the IRS–and both are truly ugly.
Spot Money Laundering Clues and Devise Effective Internal Controls
Total: 7 courses (14 CPE hours)

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