Excel Skills Refresher (Currently Unavailable)

Refresh your Excel skills with this package of Excel self-study courses in on-demand webcast format. Spreadsheet expert, David Ringstrom, CPA demonstrates powerful functions directly in Excel. View the on-demand courses as many times as you like. Includes practice Excel files.

In this on-demand course, Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA shows you how to create dynamic accounting reports for any month of the year on a single worksheet. Many users set out to build a worksheet for each month of the year, which can be cumbersome to revise. Instead David will show you how to use functions like VLOOKUP, OFFSET and SUMIF together to quickly create accounting reports that toggle to any reporting period with just a couple of mouse clicks. The session also demonstrates effective ways to export data from your accounting package so that you can create a set-and-forget link to your accounting data in Excel.
In this presentation Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA focuses on the basics of using pivot tables in Excel. Pivot tables empower anyone to easy create reports from complex data by making simple choices with your mouse. Like many features in Excel, pivot tables have nuances that can trip up unaware users. David will point out the tricks and traps of pivot tables that will help you ensure your reports always have the proper integrity. Excel 2013 users can even get a jump start with the Recommended Pivot Tables feature.
In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA helps you get started with one of Excel's most powerful features. David will introduce you to the concept of macros in Excel, which are a means of automating repetitive tasks. Much of Part 1 of this series focuses on mastering Excel's Macro Recorder, while Part 2 gives you some hands on experience with editing and writing programming code in Excel. Excel's Macro Recorder feature is easy to get started with, but those unaware of its nuances will quickly become frustrated with its vagaries. David will show you the ins-and-outs so that you can get started with automating your own repetitive tasks today.
In this session Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA shares numerous techniques that you can use to work with charts more efficiently. David will teach primarily from Excel 2010, but will also demonstrate new charting capabilities in Excel 2013 and later. Excel's charting functionality has evolved with each version of Excel, so a special feature of this presentation is that David provides four different handouts to cover these versions of Excel:
In this popular webcast Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA shares dozens of tricks that he uses to fly through Excel every day. Remember, either you work Excel, or it works you!
Thanks to the success of our popular Excel Speed Tips presentation, Excel expert and CPA David H. Ringstrom has developed a follow-up session packed with even more ways to save time and effort in Excel. Remember, either you work Excel, or it works you!
Total: 6 courses (18 CPE hours)

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