IRS Practice Series (Currently Unavailable)

This 11 course self-study series is designed for all Circular 230 practitioners (CPAs and EAs) who want to learn to protect their clients from IRS audit actions. Taught by Eva Rosenberg, MBA, EA, and Michael Rozbruch, CPA.

This course will provide a detailed breakdown of the Levy process. From understanding when and why a taxpayer is levied, to gathering information and generating a argument, to getting it released, the course will explore step by step process for getting a levy released.
This course will discuss the various options available for resolving Collection Issues. The course will review the qualifications and benefits for each type of resolution, and walk you through deciding with path will provide the best outcome for the clients individual situation.
This course will discuss Collection Information Forms and use of National Standards and how to support your claims.
This webcast will discuss the various "how to" gather, understand and present documentation to support your case. The course will guide you through the 433 series of forms and explain when each form is used, what the national standards are and when to use them, when and how you can go beyond those standards and the documentation necessary, and helping you clients "plan their expenses" to get the best deal.
This coursewill prepare you to go through IRS's Fast Track Mediation, prepare your case for the IRS Collections Appeals process, and explain how to prepare a your client's case for the various courts. While you may not be able to represent them in the Court system, you can certainly prove their case and be an expert witness. This course will take you beyond the fundamentals of tax practice and into areas where skill and finesse are required.
This course will cover issues relating to tax practitioners, including the IRS power of attorney, conflicts of interest, privacy issues, promises and guarantees, advertising for clients.
This course explains how to take over an audit from a client, the use of the power of attorney, communications with IRS, scheduling options for the audit, preparing the clients records--including re-constructing books when client didn't have proper accounting.
This course will help you understand how IRS computes their penalties and interest. You will be introduced to tools that will help you with the computations. You will also learn how to get penalties and/or interest reduced.
This course will provide information about the steps to take after you have successfully resolved a collections, offer in compromise or audit issue for your client. This topic is the eighth course in the IRS Practice Series.
Some clients are chronically in tax trouble. While this might be lucrative for tax professionals, it is devastating to your client, his or her family — and even to you, if you care (which you do!) This course will help you guide your clients to develop good tax and business habits — and perhaps even save their marriages and more. This topic is the eleventh course in the IRS Practice Series.
This course will teach you how to navigate these choppy waters and how to (or how not to) represent clients that may have opposing agendas.
Total: 11 courses (23 CPE hours)

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