State Tax Issues of 2020 Webinar Series (Currently Unavailable)

Join Hodgson Russ LLP for a seven week Tax Series covering the most important New York State Tax Issues of 2020. Hodgson Russ’s experienced tax attorneys will provide insight into some of the most critical tax issues today, including what’s happening in state tax after the Wayfair decision, the impact of the COVID-19 and TCJA, New York State law changes and residency hot topics.

May 6 at 7:00am PT
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, federal legislation was enacted to address financial stability and liquidity issues, in part, through various, and mostly temporary, federal tax law changes. Several of the temporary changes suspend or alter some of the provisions from the TCJA. Knowing how these federal tax law changes impact your clients and your business is crucial.
May 13 at 7:00am PT
In the rapidly evolving landscape as the world grapples with corona virus, this webinar will provide the most up-to-date answers for businesses and employers who need to know how the latest federal and state responses to crisis will affect them and their workforce. We will address the status of paid leave and unemployment under existing federal and New York State programs; the availability of federal and state loans and other assistance to small and medium-sized businesses; and the impact on withholding and other tax obligations due to work-from-home arrangements.
May 20 at 7:00am PT
The NYS Department of Taxation and Finance is one of the most, if not the most, aggressive and sophisticated taxing agencies in the nation. While many audits are resolved at the audit stage, disputed audits can proceed to either a conciliation conference or to a hearing before an administrative law judge. Knowing how to work through an adversarial proceeding, including a thorough knowledge of practice and procedure, is a must. In this course, we will cover all aspects of handling a New York tax case from the audit all the way to an appeal before the State’s highest court.
May 27 at 7:00am PT
The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has issued draft Article 9-A Business Corporation Franchise Tax Regulations incorporating the changes made by the state’s corporate tax reform legislation contained in the 2014–2015 and 2015–2016 enacted New York State Budgets. This two-hour CPE webinar reviews those draft regulations and expands on the topics most impacted by New York State’s corporate tax reform.
June 3 at 7:00am PT
Hodgson Russ’s experienced tax attorneys will provide an overview of what’s new this year in New York City taxes, including insight into some of the issues and new developments we have seen under the Unincorporated Business Tax, Commercial Rent Tax, Real Property Transfer Tax, General Corporation Tax and Business Corporation Tax. We will also address the impact of COVID-19 on City tax filings and payments. The course will also provide an in-depth update on a range of issues involving New York State tax credits, as well as provide a guide to New York State Tax credit programs, including the Brownfield Program, Historic Rehabilitation, and film production credits.
June 10 at 7:00am PT
The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has the most advanced and aggressive residency audit program in the nation. Auditors are constantly on the hunt for revenue by pursuing non-residents for New York taxes. With the pandemic this year requiring many people to work from home, tax season will particularly complicated for many taxpayers and practitioners. These impacts will surely be felt in future personal income tax audits conducted by the Department of Taxation and Finance.
June 17 at 7:00am PT
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair drastically changed the rules governing when a state could require an out-of-state business to comply with its sales tax laws. In response, nearly every state that imposes a general sales tax has enacted new rules to adopt and impose an “economic nexus” standard for sales tax compliance purposes. And while the concept of “economic nexus” has been around for several years in the corporate income tax world, this concept now permeates and has broadened nearly all aspects of tax compliance. During this webinar we’ll discuss the significant overlap, as well as the stubborn distinctions, between nexus rules for income tax and sales tax purposes. And we will review key recent developments in multistate income and sales tax compliance.
Total: 7 courses (14 CPE hours)

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